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Personal and Career Coaching

TEMPLETON Advantage has both informal and structured executive coaching sessions for organizational leaders.  Whether someone is preparing to go through a competitive interview process, or struggling to meet an existing challenge, clients experience a unique set of strategies, tools and insights that will truly impact performance, mental attitude and success!

Executive coaching can be tremendously helpful both for the individual receiving the coaching and the organization for which the person works.  However, for the coaching experience to really impact your professional life, it takes commitment and ‘grit.’  Many people employ a coach not because they have extreme deficiencies (although that can be a reason); but because they want to be much more proactive in determining the direction of their careers.  Coaches will help you answer the question: “How do I reach my destination?”  You may know where you are going, and have the education and experience to get there.  But you still need a ‘GPS’ system to guide – and occasionally course-correct – you along the way.  “You want to be a black belt in personal and professional growth and achievement – I think I have something for you!”  Tom Templeton

Please call or email to obtain a quote on fees for services. 

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    Tom Templeton
    Founder & Creative Director

    TEMPLETON Advantage
    58 Hummingbird Lane
    Newport, PA 17074

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