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Youth and College Seminars

TEMPLETON Advantage provides keynote, workshop and retreat services for teenagers, college students and other youth groups.  These sessions will unquestionably inspire and motivate audiences to reach for the best in themselves and truly design lives of significance.

Topics for seminars include:

  • How to find your true talents and gifts
  • Developing a mission, vision and goals for your life
  • You have so much more potential than you realize
  • Drugs and Alcohol:  I know, you get it!  But you need to hear this!   
  • Success:  How to define it for your life. 
  • Education alone is not enough.

Please call or email to obtain a quote on fees for services

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    Tom Templeton
    Founder & Creative Director

    TEMPLETON Advantage
    58 Hummingbird Lane
    Newport, PA 17074

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